4 Piece Pattern

Red Sweater 4 Piece Pattern - Easy Print Page

With the 4 piece pattern, you will knit the front body, back body, right sleeve, and left sleeve as separate pieces. Then you'll sew them together into a Red Sweater!

This pattern is great for beginning knitters because it includes a very small amount of shaping.

There is a body pattern and a sleeve pattern. Knit two bodies and two sleeves, and sew them together to complete your sweater.

Red Heart Yarn in any shade of red
100% Acrylic Medium Worsted weight (super saver)
Approx. 1oz per sweater
**Please only use yarn with "red" in the name, like "cherry red", "flame red", etc.

#6 or size needed to obtain correct sweater size

Yarn Darning needle
Optional: stitch marker (small round piece of plastic that you loop around a stitch or your needle to mark your place, available anywhere knitting supplies are sold)

No gauge. Sweater should be approximately 3.5" long, 3" wide at chest, with 3" long sleeves.

This pattern is written for stockinette stitch (*knit 1 row, purl 1 row*). But the sweaters can easily be knit in garter stitch (knit each row), seed stitch (k1, p1), ribs or cables. Use your imagination!

Body - Make 2
Leave a long tail and cast on 14 stitches.
Row 1 - purl
Row 2 - knit
Row 3-12 - repeat rows 1 and 2
Row 13 - purl
Row 14 - knit, then mark the first and last stitches of row 14 (use a stitch marker, contrast yarn, or, as I like to use, a bag tie) This marks where you'll sew the sleeves on later.
Row 15 - purl
Row 16 - knit
Row 17 - purl
Row 18 - knit
Row 19 - purl
Row 20 - cast off 5 stitches, mark the 5th stitch you cast off (this is where you'll sew the front body to the back body), cast off 4 more stitches, knit remaining 5 stitches.
Row 21 - purl 5sts
Row 22 - cast off. Leave a long tail (about a foot) for sewing.

Sleeve - Make 2 - this sleeve is knit from underseam to underseam (instead of cuff to armhole) so that when the sleeve is sewn to the body, the stitches are in the same direction as the body.
Leave a long tail and cast on 12 stitches.
Row 1 and all odd rows - purl
Row 2 and all even rows - knit
Row 17 cast off, leave a long tail for sewing.

1) Sew front body to back body at the shoulders, from edge to marker (5 stitches on each shoulder)
2) Sew the sleeves to the body between markers. Make sure the stitches of the sleeves are in the same direction as the stitches on the body.
3) Sew side seams
4) Remove markers
5) Send your sweater to:

Red Sweaters c/o Nina Rosenberg
3235 Folsom St.
San Francisco, CA 94110