Red Sweaters Business Card

Follow these easy steps to create your own Red Sweaters Business cards! Business cards are a very convenient way to tell others how to get involved.

First open this word document, buscardfront.doc.
This is the FRONT side of the business card. Print this page on a heavy weight paper. The front side has the project name, contact info, and website address.

Then, open this word document, buscardback.doc.
This is the BACK side of the business card. The back side has a short description of the project's concept and purpose. Put the page you just printed back into the printer so that it will print on the back side. Take care with the orientation of the words to make sure the front and back are in the same direction!

Next, carefully cut out the cards along the lines, and voila! 10 convenient business cards with just enough information to inspire more volunteers to check out the website and participate!

You can also write your own personal contact information on the card.