"Red Sweaters Pattern by Nina Rosenberg, 2005"

"1 skein plus 1 long piece of Red Heart Yarn, Medium sport weight in red (any red you choose, just make sure that "red" is in the name, like "flame red" or "cherry red" or "hot red", not "burgundy")
(the long piece is for shaping the shoulder - rows 21 22 see pattern)"
Needles - I used a #6 circular needle. DPNs are probably too short.
stitch holder if using straight needles ------- yarn darning needle ----------- scissors
Step Directions I II III IV V Notes
1 "cast on 14 stitches, leave a VERY long tail"
2 "row 1, purl -- row 2, knit -- repeat through row 13, purl 14 sts"
3 "row 14, knit 14sts, cast on 12 sts at end of row. (26sts)"
4 "row 15, purl 26sts, cast on 12 sts at end of row (38sts)"
5 "row 16, knit 38sts -- row 17, purl -- repeat through row 19, purl 38 sts"
6 "row 20, knit 17sts, cast off next 4, knit remaining 17sts * Row 20: Assign each stitch a number. The first stitch you knit is stitch number one. Knit stitches 1 through 19. Pass stitch 18 over stitch 19. Work stitch 20, pass stitch 19 over st 20. Work st 21, pass st 20 over st 21. work st 22, pass st 21 over st 22. 17 sts remain."
7 "row 21, working only the 17 sts on wearer's right, purl 17 sts If you are using straight needles, I suggest you use a stitch holder and place the 17 sts from the wearer's right side on the holder while you work rows 21 and 22 of the wearer's left side, starting row 21 at the neck. "
8 "row 22, knit 17 sts on wearer's right. Switch to wearer's left side, repeat rows 21 and 22 **Row 21, 22: Use a second strand of yarn for the wearer's left side so that you do not have to break the yarn on the right side. If you are using DPNs or Circular needles, you can start row 21 either from the sleeve opening or from the neck - but be careful not to twist your stitches!"
9 "row 23, transfer sts from sts holder to needle. Using yarn at wearer's right side, purl 17 sts, cast on 4 sts, purl remaining 17sts (38sts)"
10 "row 24, knit 38sts -- row 25, purl -- repeat through row 28, knit 38 sts"
11 "row 29, cast off first 12 sts, purl remaining 26sts"
12 "row 30, cast off first 12 sts, knit remaining 14sts"
13 "row 31, purl -- row 32, knit -- repeat through row 43 purl, cast off, leave a VERY long tail"

1) Darn in ends from wearer's right shoulder.
"2) Sew side seams. You'll see in the pattern that I've asked you to leave a very long tail at the beginning cast on and at the end cast off. You'll use this tail to sew up the side seams. when you are done sewing the side seam, do NOT cut the thread!"
"3) Please secure the end of the thread at the TOP of the sleeve opening (see redsweater.jpg). We are going to tie all of the sweaters together by these long tails, like a big garland, and they will hang better if the support is at the top of the sleeve rather than the bottom."
"4) You can add a collar if you choose. Please do not add any trims (like buttons), but feel free to add any kind of texture, detail, embelishment with the red heart yarn."